Your Central States Pension is in Crisis…TAKE ACTION NOW!

It’s Crunch Time …!!   We need your help to get all members and retirees to call their Senators.   The new COVID stimulus bill which includes relief for multiemployer pension plans has now reached the Senate where the bill is open to debate and various motions.  If passed by the Senate, Central States and other multiemployer plans will receive funding to avoid benefit reductions to participants.      We expect some Senate Republicans to try to offer amendments or try and remove pension relief from the COVID stimulus bill.  It is critically important that our members, unions, and employers call their Senator and tell them that multiemployer pension relief is desperately needed and to vote against any motion that eliminates this important relief for essential workers.      Passing the COVID stimulus bill by the Senate would solve the pension crisis facing millions of essential workers and retirees across the country.     But … this won’t happen without one final push  ….  
Our Calls Make a Difference !!   Take 5 minutes … your call is needed now.   Please call the numbers below and tell your Senator to protect the pension benefits of essential workers and retirees throughout our country:   Senate Hotline:     833-738-0064   Call the Hotline, Enter your Zip Code, and You’ll be Patched through to your Senator’s Office.  
What To Say When You Call:   Tell them to support the COVID-19 stimulus bill that has pension relief included in the legislation for essential workers.If you are a retiree, tell them where you worked and for how long, where you live, how you survive on your pension.If you are an active worker, tell them about the essential work you do to keep the economy moving during this pandemic.Tell them how they vote will influence how you and your family vote in future elections.If you served your country, thank you. Remind them that you are a veteran.