Teamster Work to Begin on New Pipelines Across State of Illinois

Members of Teamsters Local 26 will soon be hard at work across Central Illinois as U.S. Pipe begins construction of its Southern Access Pipeline.

Construction on the north and south ends of the pipe began in May, and Local 26 members are expected to be working on the project from June to November. The local union anticipates its referral list to be exhausted as members move onto the job sites, which stretch from Flanagan, Ill. to Patoka, Ill.

The project completes installation of a new 24-inch pipeline to the oil refinery in the Wood River area. Teamsters represented by Local 26, Local 50, Local 179 and Local 279 will be working on its construction in their respective jurisdictions.

Michael’s Pipeline Construction
A pre-job evaluation of an additional 36-inch pipeline also was conducted at the end of May with Michael’s Pipeline Construction. The forthcoming job will be putting even more Teamsters to work in the months ahead on 150 miles of new pipeline.

With the combined construction projects, Local 26 expects plenty of Teamster work to be available to members this summer for the entire state of Illinois.