The Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) is hiring!

ILEPI is looking to hire a Communications Intern. If you know someone who is especially good at social media, please encourage them to apply! The position is open immediately, but we would also accept candidates who are unavailable now but are seeking employment over their summer break.


The application process for 2021 is now available.  The link to the processing site is: deadline for applications will be March 1, 2021.Eligibility:  For the sons, daughters and financial dependents of Teamster members (including the BMWED, BLET, GCC and TCRC). Academic scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 for high school seniors planning to attend a four-year college or university and Training/Vocational program awards of up to $2,000 for use at community colleges and trade schools. (Membership verification for the parent of the applicant will be completed by the IBT (Teamsters), BLET, BMWED and GCC headquarters data.)  The children or financial dependents of full-time local union officers or full-time staff of local unions are ineligible.

For more information please click on the RESOURCES tab to for the Hoffa SCHOLARSHIP.

Women’s Conference is continuing to provide timely, topic-specific webinars that we hope are helpful to you during this unusual and stressful time.

Dear Teamster Sisters and Brothers,

The Teamsters Women’s Conference is continuing to provide timely, topic-specific webinars that we hope are helpful to you during this unusual and stressful time. While they do not take the place of our in-person conference, it’s an opportunity to hear from Teamster Sisters as well as experts in fields that affect us.
Below are links to the webinars we have provided to date, including our latest one on Black Lives Matter. They have been pre-recorded for you to watch or listen to at your leisure. The Women’s Conference will continue to produce webinars, so keep and eye out for future topics and feel free to share with others.

In solidarity,

Nina Bugbee, Director
Teamsters Women’s Conference

Topic: Black Lives Matter: A Discussion with Teamster Women (38 min)
When: On Demand
Moderator: Robin Cooper, Local 502
Panel: Jeanette Barnes, IBT, Vickie Beavers, Local 728, Catherine Cobb, Local 2010, Bernadette Kelly, Local 210
This webinar is a discussion with Teamster women on what the Black Lives Movement is, how we can support our Teamster Sisters and Brothers and how the labor movement can work to end racism and inequality.
Meeting Recording:–r7VpLHJ3g1hDxB6Q9M9v8T6a8gCVK_fUNnWyjPym6s1H7p2EaQPwl4nc

And, in case you missed our previous webinars:

Topic: COVID-19 Essential Worker Health and Safety Awareness Webinar (75 min)
When: On Demand
Presenter: Enjoli DeGrasse, Deputy Director, IBT Safety and Health Department
This webinar is designed to inform workers, who are required to work during the pandemic shutdown, how to protect themselves and co-workers from exposure to the coronavirus. These materials were developed through worker training grants funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
Meeting Recording:

Topic: Then and Now: Teamsters Respond to Crisis (30 min)
When: On Demand
Presenter: Karin Jones, Manager, Teamsters History Project, IBT Training &
Development Dept.
Teamster Historian, Karin Jones takes a look back at the service Teamsters have provided to their communities and to the country during times of hardship.
Meeting Recording:

Topic: Managing Stress During Coronavirus (40 min)
When: On Demand
Presenter: Gretchen Grindle, LPC
Some of you may be experiencing higher levels of stress due to concern over illness for yourselves and your families, work, home schooling, just to name a few. Therefore, we have invited Gretchen Grindle, who has run a number of workshops for us at the women’s conference, to present some specific ways to manage ongoing stress.
Meeting Recording:

IDOT Snowbird Ratification Vote Tally

Dear Brother and Sisters,

The VOTES from all the Downstate Local Unions representing IDOT (Snowbirds) working under the Downstate Agreement have been reported. The following is the total:

YES – 199
NO – 76

The Tentative Agreement has been ratified by the Membership!!
Great job by all!!!


Keith E. Gleason, Chairman
Teamsters Downstate Illinois State Employee
Negotiating Committee

Greg Wheet, Co-Chair
Teamsters Downstate Illinois State Employee
Negotiating Committee